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Rebuild World Chapter 31 – How to Beat HQ

Rebuild World chapter 31 is here! In this article, you’ll learn how to beat the chapter and what happens next to Reina and Shiori. You’ll also learn how to beat HQ! Hopefully, this guide will be helpful. If not, we’ll be back soon with some more information on this fun new manga series. But first, what is Rebuild World all about? What does it have to offer the player?

Rebuild World

If you are looking for the latest Rebuild World chapter, you have come to the right place. The website offers high-quality manga with fast loading time. As a registered user, you can bookmark your favorite pages to receive notifications when new chapters are available. MangaBuddy wants to become your favorite manga site and would like to welcome new readers. This is the sixth volume of the series. It is written by Kirihito Ayamura.

The first part of the chapter shows the ruins of the Old World, which is filled with unidentified material. The ruins also have high-rise buildings floating in the air, strange medications, and weapons too powerful for human use. The people who survived the collapse of science and technology rebuilt a society. They are known as “Hunters” and have to face the many dangers of the Old World. In this chapter, Akira is sent to investigate the Old World ruins. In the process, he encounters a mysterious girl, whom he will need to save. The rest of the chapter will focus on hunters.

Rebuild World – Chapter 31

Rebuild World is a Japanese manga series written by Kirihito Ayamura. The manga series is based on the light novel series of the same name. The author has credited Gin and Waishu for their excellent character and world designs. Cell contributed his mechanical design. The manga has been updated regularly, so be sure to check it out as soon as possible. The first six volumes are available on Rawkuma.

Rebuild World – Chapter 31 is a part of the Rebuild World manga series. There are two parts to this chapter, which you can read below. Page 1 contains an introduction to the story and chapter 31 focuses on Reina. The story of Rebuild World continues with the first part of the manga, while page two is a recap of the events from the previous chapter. In the third part of the manga, the series continues with the final confrontation between the bad guy and Akira.

Shiori and Reina

During the battle between Akira and Kanae, a cloud of smoke rose from one of the buildings. Akira looked stoic and reassured but Shiori was less sure. She was trying to follow her, but Reina was too far away to see where the cloud was coming from. Kanae and Reina both resisted the urge to attack and left the scene.

Fortunately, they were able to escape. Akira had asked the HQ to distribute the reward equally among three people. He decided that Reina deserved the same reward as him. When Akira told her that she deserved the same prize as him, Reina thought it was due to her skill. She felt better and thought that she was no longer a dead weight. But he had a point.

During the fight, Reina had been talking to Shiori. She wasn’t the fiery Reina that Shiori was used to, but she had changed. Her new look was the result of her following Akira, who had left the team and was chasing him. She proudly told Katsuya about her battle against the Yarata Scorpions, and Shiori confirmed it. Katsuya was not happy with this change in Reina, and it was important for the two teammates to get along.

The next day, they went to a temple and found the relics. Akira and Togami were there to help. Akira and Reina were both in a rush to get back to their training, but they did not want to lose this opportunity. Reina and Kanae waited a few minutes for them to gather their strength. Reina’s answer made Kanae look even more shocked.


The sixth edition of HQ rebuild world chapter thirty has not yet been released. It may come in the seventh edition. The manga is written by Kirihito Ayamura and began on July 26th, 2019. Chapter 30 is not included in the sixth edition, but the seventh edition will have chapter 31. Rebuild World is also known as Ribirudowarudo or Ribirudo Warudo. You can read the latest chapter by visiting MangaBuddy.

In this chapter, we meet the squad leader, who was giving orders to the group. As the other guys were arguing, Akira was about to shoot one of them. The squad leader saw the signal coming from the monster and he focused on it. But when the monster suddenly appeared, one of the buildings in the tall wall collapsed. The squad leader was able to see through it and contacted HQ in a panic.

Akira had used the lent terminal to contact HQ. He checked the display to make sure it was in range. But the display said that the HQ was out of range. He then switched to an information terminal. This time, the display read “Out of Range”. Then, he remembered the building that Seranthal had just blown up. The message was confusing. But, Akira did not panic. He was just trying to find a way to save himself.

Reina’s lie

When Akira had rejected Reina, he had a very low expression on his face. Reina had followed Akira’s feet, but didn’t seem to know why. Shiori, however, had noticed this behavior and was surprised. After the battle, Reina looked very happy, but Katsuya seemed disapprove of the fact that she had made a friend of Akira.

When Reina and Shiori had returned to the castle, she was no longer the fiery girl that she used to be. It was obvious that her transformation had been a result of chasing Akira and battling the Yarata Scorpions. Her proud words to Katsuya were a blatant lie, but Shiori confirmed it. Shiori had also witnessed her transformation, and the two girls had a tense moment.

Togami’s team had finished gathering relics and were about to leave. Reina shifted a couple of embarrassing relics to cover her shame. He was relieved to have finally left the ruin, but he had warned her not to let her down too much. He was not about to let her down so easily, and he was right. Togami had a stern look on his face, but he felt defeated when he saw how weak Reina was.

Togami was perplexed by Reina’s behavior. As a team leader, Togami had a duty to protect the survivors. The team needed to keep the others from despair and hopelessness. Reina’s words had the power to change the course of history. This is a moment in Rebuild World. Think of it! If you’re wondering what Togami is hiding, you might find the answer to your question in this chapter!

HQ’s lies

Rebuild World Chapter 31, also known as RW31, is an episode of the manga series Rebuild World. This chapter explores the lies and deceptions of the HQ. It is set to be released on 11 February 2022 at 12 AM PST. Although the exact release date of RW31 is unknown, it is known that it will be released sometime during this day. Hence, the reader is strongly encouraged to avoid unofficial sources of the novel because they do not respect the author’s rights.

While Reina and Akira were in the hallway, HQ’s lies began to take shape. As they talked to Reina and Shiori, Akira revealed that the HQ had instructed him to deal with Hunter. But, Shiori had not received a message from HQ mentioning Akira’s name. So, she tried to contact HQ through Reina and Yajima, but she was unable to make a connection.

Rebuild World is currently available in six volumes. There are thirty chapters total. Currently, the sixth edition does not contain chapter 30, but it may be released in the seventh edition. The author of Rebuild World, Kirihito Ayamura, also publishes the manga series Ribirudo Warudo. So, if you are a fan of Rebuild World and wish to learn more about this manga series, I hope this article has been useful.

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