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Oklahoma City Zip Code 73109

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is a city in the U.S. state of Oklahoma. It is famous for its cowboy culture, and it’s surrounded by oil wells. It is also home to the Oklahoma City National Memorial, a beautiful memorial with bronze and glass chairs in a reflecting pool to remember the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. Another important memorial in the city is the Survivor Tree, a nearly-destroyed American elm that survived the attack.

73109 ZIP code

The 73109 ZIP code in Oklahoma City is located in Oklahoma. The city is the capital of the state of Oklahoma and is well known for its cowboy culture. It is surrounded by working oil wells. Oklahoma City is also home to the Oklahoma City National Memorial, a memorial featuring a reflecting pool and glass and bronze chairs. The memorial honors the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. Another prominent site is the Survivor Tree, an American elm that was almost destroyed in the attack.

The 73109 ZIP code is home to approximately 20594 people. In the past decade, it has grown by nearly 8%. The majority of residents are Hispanic. About 93 percent of the public school students in this ZIP code qualify for free or reduced price lunches.

73109 ZIP code preferred city

Oklahoma City is the state capital and the largest city in the state. It is a major center for the oil industry and related manufacturing. While OKC was once viewed as a drab and boring city, the Murrah Federal Building bombing changed that perception. The city is now being renovated and a sales tax initiative is funding some of the improvements.

ZIP Code 73109 is predominantly white with a large percentage of single parents and young adults. The percentage of children under 18 is very high. The number of vacant properties is slightly below average. One correctional facility and a nursing home are located within the ZIP code. There are 84 Counselors and 280 Medical Specialists working in the area.

There are several school districts in the area. Santa Fe South MS (Charter) School District, Lighthouse Academy (Charter), Oklahoma City School District, Private, and others offer schooling in the area. 73109 has nine elementary and secondary schools.

73109 ZIP code income

The 73109 ZIP code has one of the lowest percentages of people living in poverty of any local zip code. This area is home to the lowest percentage of low-income people, based on race and ethnicity. However, it does have the highest percentage of people earning less than the poverty level, ranging from 35.7% to 50.3%. The poverty rate is also broken down by age group, with the lowest percentage of people aged twelve to seventeen living below the poverty line.

The 73109 ZIP code income data shows that almost 60% of the population lives in a household with at least one person employed. The 73109 ZIP code has the lowest proportion of households that do not own a car. On the other hand, the ZIP code has the highest percentage of households with a single person, at 46.8%.


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