Kareem Hunt Injury Update


Kareem Hunt Injury Update

There’s a big question on everyone’s mind right now: Is Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt still playable? His status for Saturday’s game against the Texans is in doubt. According to Ian Rapoport, he will be out several weeks and is likely headed to injured reserve. The injury has put Hunt’s fantasy value in jeopardy. Let’s look at why Hunt is questionable and what it means for the rest of his season.

Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt is questionable for Saturday’s game against the Texans

The Cleveland Browns are questioning running back Kareem Hunt for Saturday’s game against the Texants. The veteran was limited in practice on Friday after being placed on the reserve list on Monday. He was also held out of the Browns’ Christmas Day road loss to the Green Bay Packers. Whether or not he plays is a separate question, but the Browns are unlikely to release him.

The Browns have already placed Nick Chubb on the injury report for Saturday’s game against the Texants, so if he can’t go, he won’t be a necessity in fantasy. Nick Chubb, who has a calf injury, is also questionable. The Texans’ offense could be lacking without him. Nick Chubb is a lower-end RB2 option, so he may not be an immediate start.

A shot to the groin may have caused the injury. While Hunt has been on the NFI list since the incident, he could return to action at any time. If he is healthy, he will be back in the lineup before the Texans’ Week 10 game against the Ravens. Ultimately, though, this injury won’t affect the Browns’ fantasy draft.

If Hunt is able to play, he’ll likely start. Hunt has limited practice all week, so he’s only likely to play if he is able to regain full mobility. Unless Hunt returns to the field, he should remain on the fantasy bench. If Hunt does return to the field, it would severely damage Nick Chubb’s upside.

Hunt’s status is in doubt, as the NFL suspended him for eight games. The team’s scouting report said that he’s still questionable for the game. The suspension was issued after Hunt assaulted a woman who was holding a sign in her window. The video showed Hunt pushing the woman in the face and striking her in the face. He subsequently began chasing the woman while kicking another person to the ground.

With a lack of depth at wide receiver, the Browns will have to find a way to replace the loss of Browns’ top wide receiver, WR Josh Docterson. If Hunt is unable to play, the Browns may end up without a wide receiver. If the Browns win their division showdown, they could be in the playoff mix for the AFC.

He suffered a left ankle injury in the first quarter of Sunday’s win over the Ravens

The Browns are without RBs Kareem Hunt and Troy Hill, who both suffered ankle injuries during Sunday’s win over the Ravens. The two players were injured during the first quarter of Sunday’s game, when Ravens safety Geno Stone hit Hunt low. The timing of the injury is not clear, but it could be a four to six-week absence for Hunt.

The team has yet to officially announce Hunt’s injury status, though it’s expected to keep him out of Saturday’s game against the Raiders. The Browns are currently listing Hunt as week-to-week. In case he’s unable to play, the team will be forced to make a decision based on the health of Nick Chubb.

After leaving the game in the first quarter with an ankle injury, the Browns were forced to use another back to cover Hunt. The backup back was able to play the rest of the game, but his injury prevented him from fully contributing to the Browns’ offense. In the second half, Hunt caught two passes for 17 yards and rushed for five yards. The Browns’ rushing attack has struggled to stay consistent, but that doesn’t mean the team will lose confidence in the running back.

The Ravens were already without RB Latavius Murray and TE Baker Mayfield at the start of the game. Hunt had already missed five games with a calf injury, so he was unable to start the game for the Browns. After the game, the Ravens recovered an onside kick, but failed to convert on fourth-and-six.

He’s likely headed to injured reserve

The Cleveland Browns are set to have a difficult time this week, as the team has listed running back Kareem Hunt on its injury report for Tuesday. The rookie is dealing with an ankle injury and is likely to miss at least Week 15 of the season. He was forced to leave the game against the Ravens on Sunday, and it seems that this is the first step to an injury. The Browns have several running backs out on injured reserve this season, including Nick Chubb. Both of these players have played well, but Hunt’s injury is probably the worst one. And, if he plays, it could be a long one.

The Browns were already without Chubb, their starting offensive tackle, and a top-six rushing attack. But the latest news about Hunt has the team scrambling to find a replacement. After all, Hunt was hurt without any contact, so he is expected to miss at least three games and be out for four to six weeks. In addition to being out for a long time, the team already lost star running back Nick Chubb and starting offensive tackles.

Cleveland Browns coach Bob Stefanski has publicly ruled out Achilles or ACL injuries in Hunt. The quarterback has also said that Hunt will miss at least three games, and has stated that he isn’t sure if he will return this season. However, he may not be in the lineup until the second half. If Hunt is able to return at all, he should be able to start the second half of the season.

The Browns have already placed Nick Chubb and rookie receiver Adam Schefter on the COVID-19 list, and he’s probably headed to the injured reserve list. Although Nick Chubb’s injury was minor, it’s enough to keep Hunt on the injured reserve list for at least a few weeks. However, the injury to Hunt and JOK is severe enough to prevent him from playing this week.

His fantasy value is in jeopardy

The injury to Kareem Hunt has put his season on the line, but it is not the end of his fantasy football career. Hunt will likely play the final eight games of his contract, and he will be in a good position to continue contributing to the Browns’ offense. However, the Cleveland Browns and Hunt have yet to engage in contract extension talks, which may change his value over the course of the season. As a result, the Cleveland Browns have not entered into contract extension talks with Hunt, which could limit his playing time this year.

While Chubb can provide additional RB options and is a great addition to fantasy teams, Kareem Hunt’s injury is a major blow to those that own him. While Chubb has the potential to replace him as a low-end RB1, the injury has significantly lowered Hunt’s value to a mid-tier RB2. While he will likely be a top-eight fantasy back, he’ll be a middle-tier RB2.

While Kareem Hunt’s fantasy value may be in jeopardy due to injury, his receiving production will still be up to par. Despite the injury, he caught 84.1% of the balls thrown his way in his rookie season. That’s better than the catch rates of Spencer Ware, Alvin Kamara, and Theo Riddick. While those numbers might not sound impressive, they are better than none at all.

In the meantime, the injured RB pool has become a bit crowded. J.D. McKissic and Derrick Henry are both out for the season. While Antonio Gibson and Najee Harris have both played every game, Dalvin Cook and Christian McCaffrey have missed a few weeks of action this season. With these injuries, the RB positions have a lot of potential.

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