I am the Fated Villain Chapter 10


I Am The Fated Villian Chapter 10

If you have been following I Am The Fated Villian, you may have already noticed that it is now up to chapter 10! If you haven’t yet, this is a great time to start! You can read this manga chapter for free! Click here to download the latest chapter! This chapter contains important information about the character. Read it and enjoy! If you’re looking for other manga chapters, you can also visit our Manga List page!

Su Qingge’s Fortune Value was something that had to do with her status as a villain

Su Qingge had been in the midst of a scheming plot when she heard about Gu Changge. She was the heroine in the story and had just been captured by the evil Gu Changge. Her Fortune Value was 350 points. Though she had a lot of bad luck, she did not mind giving up a few points in exchange for being with the villain. After a day and a half, her Fortune Value did not stop increasing and had even gone higher.

Despite these unfortunate events, Gu Changge was still happy to take the restrictions that came with her new role as a villain. She killed many of the Favored Children of Heaven in order to raise her Fortune Value. She had no intention of intentionally harming Gu Changge, but desperate circumstances required desperate measures. Although Gu Changge admired Ye Chen, he could not help admiring him. In fact, he could not help but admire Ye Chen out of pure appreciation. This would simplify his considerations.

The young lord Gu seemed to favor Su Qingge earlier, but he soon ignored her. She did not know that Gu Changge had a grudge against Ye Chen and it would not be a good idea for her to hurt him. She knew that it would not be in her best interests to hurt the young lord, because he had a lot of pretty beauties around him.

The second part of the question was whether or not her Fortune Value had anything to do with her status as a villain. This was a question that Su Qingge had pondered for several days. It was not an easy question to answer, and her mind was filled with all sorts of answers. But after considering the other side’s reasoning, she was able to find a way to restore the status quo.

She was able to trick Gu Changge into falling for the evil villain because she was smart enough to recognize her weakness. In spite of being a villain, she was a clever and a wise woman who knew how to avoid misfortune. She remained a villain for so long because she hid her true self from Gu Changge.

When it came to her Fortune Value, Gu Changge was able to determine it with ease. Her character had the most Fortune Value, which meant that she had a high level of influence. She was also a Child of Fortune, which explains her sudden kindness. The latter had a special effect on Ye Chen. But in the end, she only saved her friends.

Su Qingge’s Fortune Value

If the game was based on Fortune Value, then the game would have different characters for the different paths. However, in I am the fated villain, it is possible for a character to change their Fortune Value. However, if they were to change the path of another character, then the other character would lose the corresponding amount of Fate Points. In the first chapter, Su Qingge had only thirty Points of Fortune Value.

Ye Chen’s interest in Su Qingge had also caused a certain level of suspicion among Ye Chen and Gu Changge. They feared that they would become lovers and that they would have an open relationship, so they would need to work together to win the heart of the latter. However, Su Qingge could not have imagined this, because she was smart and knew how to avoid misfortune.

The first thing to keep in mind is that she is the main character in the I Am the Fated Villain manga series. She is an extremely beautiful young master, with jet black hair and skin like the finest jade. Her long robes perfectly frame her face. Her complexion is pale and smooth, and she has an aura that is peaceful yet perturbed. During the course of the story, she encounters many powerful men, including Gu Changge and Ye Chen.

As a result, she can control the other person using her secret constitution. She also knows that the other person she consulted already knows about the Mysterious Nine Yin Maiden Physique. She could use this information as a trump card to control Gu Changge. If she could convince Gu Changge of her sincerity, this could be her first step to submission.

Gu Changge glanced at the fortune values of the others in the main hall and saw that it was 350 points. This proved his hypothesis. It seemed like the fates had set the position of Su Qingge as the heroine. Then, he considered eating Su Qingge first. However, he was surprised that he did not feel unbearably thirsty. Perhaps he had been controlled by the lower half of his body.

Su Qingge’s status as a villain

The question of Su Qingge’s status as ‘the ‘fated’ villain arose because she had not seen Gu Changge’s previous deception, and her biased and hurried judgment caused her to be unable to make a sound judgement. It was also unclear whether or not Gu Changge knew of her deception. Su Qingge simply nodded when she was asked about her intentions. She was unaware of her own guilt because she had previously thought that Gu Changge was an evil person, and had been frightened when the prompt from the System came. The result was a confused and ambiguous Su Qingge, who tried to rationalize the actions of Gu Changge.

Gu Changge had said those words in order to humiliate Ye Chen, but Su Qingge was unaware of his motives. She thought Gu Changge had said these words to make Ye Chen look bad, but she knew that she wouldn’t want to offend him as a high official. She had no idea how she could have gotten away with it.

Su Qingge was not the first to do such a thing, and his own insincerity and indifference were the most common behaviors of a man in his class. He was a notorious villain, so it was no wonder that he had been deemed a ‘fated’ villain. Luckily, he was not the only one who was concerned about Su Qingge’s reputation. In fact, the entire town had been in a state of chaos since it had been flooded with water.

The first chapter of ‘I Am the Fated Villain’ reveals Gu Changge as a powerful villain who has been corrupted by his past lives. He was also an ancient immortal, and had fallen victim to the demonic nature of his ancestors. Nevertheless, despite the fact that his past lives were overrun by his demonic nature, he recovered his past-life memories and consciousness after twenty-one years. As a result, he has a superior prestige and power in his realm.

In contrast, when the eldest Xuan saw this, his heart sank. Moreover, he could see that the other two shook as they walked away from the banquet. The Taixuan Holy Lord was even more worried after seeing his daughter’s expression. The elder Xuan, who was also present, was also trembling.

Nevertheless, if the reader had read the novel’s first few chapters, the ‘Fated Villain’ would have made sense. Su Qingge was a villain in the previous novel, but he had yet to be given a name. The author’s intention to make Su Qingge a villain was to give him a vengeful vengeance for his earlier actions.

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