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Fun Online Games For Kids

One way to get your kids active and involved in some fun online games is to play some alphabet scavenger hunts. These are games that can be played by adults and children alike. All you need is a PC or a tablet and a clutter-free environment. Some of the games can even incorporate music. Google Chrome has an Easter Egg hidden in its error page called “Dinosaur Run,” which allows you to play as a running T-rex. There are many obstacles to overcome! You can also play CATAN Universe, an online version of the popular board game.

Another great browser game is Skribbl, a word-making and sentence-interpretation game that gets increasingly difficult the higher you level up. The app is simple to use: create a private room, add a friend’s username, and then start playing. The goal is to collect more points than your friends in each round. If you use all seven tiles on a single board, you’ll get a bonus 35 points!

Another fun game is Rocket League, an online multiplayer game in which players drive cars to chase beach balls and try to score a goal in the opposing team’s net. The game is available on multiple platforms, and it can be played with up to four friends. The graphics are amazing and there are many different ways to customize your characters. There are also game modes based on basketball and ice hockey. A great way to spend a few hours is with free games.

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