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How to Get a Frisky Business, Mabel’s Sunny Retreat, and Other Collectibles From the Bradford Exchange

One of the best ways to celebrate your child’s birthday is by giving him or her a limited edition hockey plate from the Bradford Exchange’s First Issue Litter Rascals collection. It’s sure to please and be a great gift for children and adults alike! Read on to find out how to get yours. You can also find fun, collectible Little Rascals figurines and other unique items.

Frisky Business

The Bradford Exchange has released a new collector’s plate called the Frisky Business. This hard-fire porcelain plate features artwork by Jurgen Scholz. Each piece is individually numbered and comes with an original certificate and styrofoam container. You can own a Frisky Business plate for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. It makes a beautiful addition to any home, office, or kitchen.

Mabel’s Sunny Retreat

Mabel’s Sunny Retreat on the Bradford Exchsange is a charming collection featuring original art by Jurgen Scholz. It has been designed in the form of vintage milk cans and features wraparound art featuring a kitten. Each canister is made of fine ceramic and goes through several firings to guarantee quality. It features a sculpted kitten and comes with ten FREE stickers listing common ingredients. The lid is sealed by a silicone seal to ensure freshness.


Mabel’s business is one of Jurgen Scholz’s most popular Bradford Exchange plates, and you can order it today! The plates feature lifelike kittens with gold trim. They are a must-have for animal lovers! Plates include Purr-fect Predicaments Basket Bumble, Kitten Capers Frisky Felines, and Kitchen Capers Tender Tails.

Limited edition hockey plate

If you’re a hockey fan, the Bradford Exchange offers limited edition collector plates of NHL players. These plates feature a framed design and come with a COA. The Bradford Exchange also sells art, collectibles, and vintage items. Its collection includes more than 200 different designs, and you can find one that features your favorite player!


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