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Why an Electric Car is a Good Choice For You

An electric car is a vehicle that is entirely powered by electricity, producing no tailpipe emissions. As the cost of developing such vehicles rises, established carmakers are ripping up business models to adopt this new technology. They are completely revamping factories to produce electric vehicles and buying up every battery available. Others are relegating themselves to partners and becoming acquisition targets. Still others are driving executive attention to emerging markets like China and Europe. Here are some reasons why an electric car is a good choice for you.

Electric cars are fuel efficient

Among the most important arguments for buying an electric car is its energy efficiency. Electric cars have zero emissions, unlike gas and diesel vehicles, which release harmful exhaust gases and soot. Additionally, EVs don’t create any air pollution, even when driving in urban areas. Electric power generation also releases very little air pollution, so there’s less need to worry about causing air pollution. Moreover, EVs’ reduced centre of gravity and battery-mounted weight help them to overcome range anxiety, a common complaint with electric cars.

They produce no tailpipe emissions

While electric cars are considered greener than gasoline-powered vehicles, generating electricity to power them does create carbon pollution. Although the amount depends on the local power grid, EVs are typically responsible for much less carbon pollution than a new gasoline-powered car. Electric vehicles are also responsible for significantly fewer GHG emissions while in operation. Considering these benefits, many consumers are making the switch to electric cars. But what does this mean for the environment?

They are fun to drive

For traditional car enthusiasts, learning to drive an electric vehicle is like a new language. For years, traditional cars have made drivers alike feel at home with the sounds of their engine, while EVs are completely silent. This canned noise can feel foreign, like something’s missing. After driving 11 electric cars, I was able to rediscover the fun of driving. The acceleration and smoothness of an electric vehicle’s ride are both enjoyable.

They are affordable

Though EVs are more expensive initially, they are still cheaper to operate than gas-powered vehicles. While the price difference between the two vehicles is around $10,000, it should decrease over time as the technology improves. The federal and state incentives for buying an EV can help close the price gap, but rebate programs change frequently. Check with your state to find out whether you qualify. You may be surprised to learn that you can get a full $7,500 federal tax credit when you purchase an EV.

They are easy to charge

Charging an electric car is as easy as plugging it into an electrical outlet. In the U.S., there are a few charging stations, but most electric car owners charge their cars at home. Charging an electric car can be as simple as plugging it into a wall outlet or as complex as installing solar panels. While all EVs come with a way to plug in to the power grid, most come with a simple 110-volt charging station. Plugging your car into a wall outlet is the easiest method.

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