Biden’s Hot Secret Service Agent Makes Internet Swoon


A new TikTok video has emerged of the ‘hot’ secret service agent working for Biden. It has
over three million views.
The arrival of the’secret service agent’ has sparked a flurry of TikTok
videos. Watch it and be prepared to be wowed! ‘Biden’s secret service agent’ makes the
internet swoon!
Biden’s secret service agent
In a picture that has been making the internet swoon all week, Vice President Joe Biden
sported a chic outfit as he arrived at the White House on Thanksgiving day. The unidentified
bodyguard was dressed in khaki pants, a black trench coat, and a knit sweater. His classic
black Wayfarers also flashed under his jacket. It was a sight to behold!
A video of an unidentified Biden security detail member was shared on the social media app
TikTok by a user with the handle @life_with_matt. The video has already racked up over 1.8
million views. Commenters commented on how hot the Secret Service agent looks, while the
Secret Service has not released his identity. While the video has yet to be shared with the
public, viewers have already reacted with swoon-worthy comments.
The video of Biden’s Secret Service agent making the internet swoon has gone viral. While
Biden and his family spent Thanksgiving in Massachusetts, a secret service agent
accompanied him while he was out shopping.
The clip quickly went viral, with many people
declaring their love for the VP and his Secret Service. While the president’s Secret Service
agent may not be the first to fall in love with the Vice President, it is certainly one of the most
enviable and popular photos of the vice president ever.
The video of a Secret Service agent making the internet swoon is a rare treat! The agent
wears casual clothing and flashes his badge under his jacket. The video also shows the agent
bumping into another undercover officer and shaking hands. The agent defended the nation so
passionately that he even had a prank video of himself on TikTokker.
His/her outfit
A clip of US President Joe Biden shopping with his Secret Service agent makes the internet
swoon. The clip was posted to the video sharing app TikTok by local Matt, whose account has
received more than 2.4 million views. The video features Biden walking in the company of the
handsome secret service agents. It’s not clear if Biden’s daughter is involved. Biden is
spending Thanksgiving with his family in Massachusetts, where he’s surrounded by his Secret
Service agents.
The Vice President also stopped to chat with locals in Nantucket, MA and Rehoboth Beach. No
matter which town he visits, the Vice President always draws a crowd. And his hot Secret
Service agent outfit has the internet swooning. Although the official outfit of Biden’s Secret
Service agent remains unknown, it has been a topic of discussion on social media websites.
TikTok video
A ‘life-with-Matt’ account shared a video of a ‘hot’ Secret Service agent making the internet
swoon on TikTok, and it quickly went viral. The TikTok video has more than three million views,
and has been liked by hundreds of thousands of people. However, there are no details on the
identity of the Secret Service agent who made the internet go wild.
The Secret Service agent accompanied US President Joe Biden on a shopping spree on
Nantucket. The bipartisan couple were seen surrounded by a crowd of admirers while walking
around town. The video quickly went viral on TikTok, with over 2.7 million views and counting.
The secret service agent is the latest celebrity to make the internet go crazy, and his
adorableness has left TikTok users raving.

The video was shared by @life_with_matt, who captioned his video “SECRET SERVICE”. The
video has already received 421,000 likes. Biden’s Secret Service agent has been making the
internet swoon thanks to TikTok. But the secret service agent hasn’t been the only one to make
people swoon – the internet has also taken to TikTok, and it’s only getting hotter.
Tom Cruise vibes
The arrival of Biden’s ‘hot’ secret service agent has prompted a spate of TikTok videos, with
one video receiving over 3 million views. The secret service agent looks very similar to Tom
Cruise in the popular movie, Top Gun. However, there is more to Biden’s new agent than just
his sexy outfit. The TikTok users also shared their thoughts on the new member of the Biden’s
While the identity of the Secret Service agent is not yet known, there is speculation that he
may be the one who accompanies Tom Cruise. While the actor has not commented on the new
internet sensation, other social media users have made comments that seem to give him ‘Tom
Cruise vibes’. Here are some of the comments they have received. Once you see the video,
you’ll probably want to give it a try, as it may have inspired you to do the same.
The Secret Service Agent Behind Biden’s Shocking Video
Posters on his/her wall

On Friday, President Biden and his family spent Thanksgiving in a tony island in
Massachusetts and then returned to the White House on Sunday. As they headed to the White
House, residents and tourists alike stopped by to watch the President and his family interact
with the Secret Service agents. The Secret Service agent was dressed in casual clothes and
was accompanied by a bodyguard. He/she was also wearing a Secret Service badge on his/her

Another Secret Service agent who made the internet swoon with his/her posters on his/her wall
was Matthew Notarangelo, who uploaded the video under the username @life_with_matt. The
video has nearly four hundred thousand likes, but it doesn’t show the level of TikTok’s
adoration. One Secret Service agent who uploaded a video featuring his/her wall has received
nearly 2,000 comments.

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