Battle Game in 5 Seconds Chapter 65


Battle Game in 5 Seconds Chapter 65

Battle Game in 5 Seconds, also known as Battle in Five Seconds After Meeting, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Saizo Harawata and Kashiwa Miyako. It has been serialized on the Shogakukan MangaONE app since August 2015. It is a remake of Harawata’s webcomic of the same name, and features CG animation by Studio A-Cat.

Volume 8

If you enjoy Japanese anime, you may be interested in the manga source material for Battle Game in 5 Seconds. Volume 7 of the series covers Chapter 64, revealing the location of Tokyo. English-language fans can read this chapter online, but the series is best experienced as a Japanese manga. You can find Chapter 64 on Comikey for free. This is an excellent resource for fans of the series who want to learn more about the manga’s origins.

The anime’s popularity is unquestionable, with positive reviews from people all over the world. It has 59k members in the MAL group, and ranks #4454 on the MAL popularity list. There are enough episodes and source material to make several seasons. Its popularity has prompted merchandising and licensing. However, no official confirmation has been given for whether there will be a second season of Battle Game in 5 Seconds.

Episode 6 of Battle Game in 5 Seconds focused on the backstory of the green team leader. The manga version of the backstory was much more tragic. The green team leader’s daughter was killed indirectly and he doesn’t want anyone to suffer the same fate. In the anime version, the story arc is not resolved until Season 2, but it will be explored in Volume 8 of Battle Game in 5 Seconds.

Akira, the protagonist of the series, is gifted with a magical ability that helps him evade attacks. In the first episode, Akira fights Mion’s deputy, Ryuji, and Hajime Okami. This is a key visual for the series. It is a must-have for fans of anime. It is a supernatural/action series that will not disappoint.

Chapter 65

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After a meeting between the green and red teams, Akira played a good match with the executives of the red team. However, the situation in the battle suddenly changes and the green team is gaining the upper hand. Meanwhile, the traitor in the green team moves during a crucial moment. Afterward, Akira tries to capture the red team’s deputy leader, Masaya Kuroiwa.

Yuri Amagake

Yuri Amagake is a high school student with a unique ability, the ability to quintuple her physical abilities. She has long blond hair, which is held up by two red hairpins on her left side. She is stubborn and strong-willed, and her physical skills improved as she grew more comfortable with physical fighting. In the second chapter, she defeats her first opponent in a duel.

However, there is one flaw with Battle Game in 5 Seconds: it has a terribly inconsistent visual style. While the style is appropriate for its throwback effect, it gets messy when action starts happening. The creators probably knew they needed to incorporate more CG animation into the series. But it was still a poor choice. Despite its flaws, Battle Game in 5 Seconds has its moments and its highlights.

Hajime Oogami

Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting is a Japanese manga series. It is written by Saizo Harawata and illustrated by Kashiwa Miyako. It has been serialized on the Shogakukan MangaONE app since August 2015. It is a remake of Harawata’s webcomic of the same name. It features CG animation from Studio A-Cat.

The action continues with the expansion of the front line and the opening of various battle ends. Akira tries to capture the red team’s deputy leader, Masaya Kuroiwa. In addition, Hajime Okami decides to announce a massive subjugation quest. Meanwhile, the red team leaders visit the green team’s reconnaissance, and Masaya Kuroiwa makes cruel moves against Yuto Shirasagi.


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