5 Powerful Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Websites live and die by the effectiveness of the traffic they receive. Whether it’s readers that generate ad revenue or visitors that become customers, the traffic a website receives makes all the difference. Some websites need more traffic to be productive than others, but all sites are trying to improve both the quality and the quantity of their visitors. Here’s 5 powerful ways to drive new traffic to your website in order to reach your goals.

1. Maximize Your Website’s Click Potential Through On-page SEO
Even if your website is ranking for your target keywords there’s always more that can be done to improve both your existing rankings and the number of search terms you appear for. By using Google Webmaster Tools you can see how you’re being found online and seek to improve your results. In doing this you can create new content to reach new visitors or tweak existing content.
One effective way to drive visitors to your website is to optimize your site’s image meta tags. Image search is a big way that websites gain additional traffic, and having a lot of your site’s images appear for related keywords can bring other views to your business or products.
It’s 2018 and email is still relevant to driving traffic, it’s just the ways to utilize it has changed for the most part. Blanket emails hoping to maximize clicks on a single send just aren’t worthwhile anymore. Opt-ins and lengthy email sequences mean everything in creating long-lasting relationships with your visitors. Create a bond built on sharing relevant information or value to your email readers and eventually drive them to a solution to their problems on your website. By doing this, you’ll find a much more reliable traffic source than previous email methods.
According to research shown from eMarketer, businesses will spend $6.8 billion on affiliate marketing by 2020. Affiliate sales account for a great deal of online revenue generated and for a good reason. There are just more channels and avenues that affiliates can take advantage of than any one company can or ever will alone. Even if it doesn’t directly create sales, the value of gaining new visitors and creating brand awareness from using this method is enormous.

Hashtags and celebrity news can help your business when there’s a proper reason to do so. Many businesses aren’t only organically creating content to reach new audiences on social media, they’re also advertising using highly sought after hashtags and news events globally. You can always frame your content in a way that synergizes with a developing trend at some level, and the benefits can be quite remarkable when it comes to clicks gained.
If your product or service solves a problem or you have insight in your industry it only makes sense to spread that knowledge. You should create blog posts that won’t only exist on your website’s blog but further reach new readers that haven’t visited your site yet. Guest posting has become a powerful means to reach a wider audience, and it can also set yourself up as an authority in your niche.
There’s a lot of ways to maximize the tools your company uses to gain new website traffic. At the end of the day, what truly matters is the goals you have for that traffic. By getting specific and targeting your best customers where they gather, you can reach your traffic goals more efficiently.

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