4 Big Guys Lyrics


4 Big Guys Lyrics

There are many different ways to respond to the meme known as “4 Big Guys.” Some people respond by submitting their own lyrics, but other people like to make their own. You can submit lyrics for three or 10 big guys and even be the first to have yours published! If you have a song that you think would fit the meme, send it to us! You may even win a prize! Just be sure to include your own lyrics, so we can all enjoy this meme.

Be the first to submit lyrics for 4 big guys

Be the first to submit 4 big guys lyrics! This song is by DigBarGayRaps and is known as “3 Big Balls”. It was first released on March 14, 2021. The song gained popularity through memes and became a popular trolling method in the video game Rust. It is not yet a hit song, but it is gaining popularity among rap fans.

3 big balls

The song ‘3 Big Balls’, also known as ‘Four Big Guys’, was released on March 14, 2021 by DigBarGayRaps. The song later gained popularity as a trolling gimmick in the video game Rust and became an Internet meme. However, before the song achieved worldwide recognition, the original song has not yet been sung in its entirety. In a subsequent video, “3 Big Balls” was performed by DigBarGayRaps, and it is not yet available on YouTube.

10 for the big guy meme

The 10 for the big guy meme began as a video leaked from the prologue of The Dark Knight Rises. The awkward dialogue and delivery quickly became a meme, spreading to other 4chan boards and internet communities. The idea was then spread on Reddit. Now, it has become a widely popular joke. In this article, we’ll explore the origin of this meme and some of the best examples of its popularity.

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